What is CBD?

CBD is “CANNABIDIOL” – it’s a chemical in the Marijuana plant. It is one of the most well known cannabinoids of marijuana. The other most well known cannabinoid is THC.

All Plants are made of up Chemicals:

Tomatoes: are made up of 380 chemicals

Coffee: is made up of 880 chemicals

Tobacco: is made up of about 7,000 chemicals

Marijuana: Is made up of about 512 chemicals


There are about 80 CANNABINOIDS:

The most active CANNABINOID is


Another well known CANNABINOID is


We have a system in our bodies called the ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM.

It is a system which regulated numerous metabolic processes: PAIN – MEMORY – APPETITIE – ANTI-INFLAMMATION – and other IMMUNE SYSTEM processes.

This system comprises 2 types of Receptors: CB1 and CB2 – they are situated throughout various parts of the Central and Peripheral Nervous System.

CBD and THC Fit like a LOCK and KEY into these 2 Receptors to modulate and help with PAIN – MEMORY – APPETITIE – ANTI-INFLAMMATION – and other IMMUNE SYSTEM processes.

What is Hemp?

Hemp is the fiber and seed part of the Cannabis Sativa L. plant, opposed to the flower part of the plant which is “legally considered” marijuana.

The fiber and seeds are incredible valuable and is why hemp is often called a “cash crop”.

Hemp is a very hearty plant and grows very quickly in very diverse soil conditions.

Cultivation of hemp for industrial purposes has been done by many civilizations for over 12,000 years.

Industrial hemp was the desired fiber used to manufacture rope, canvas, paper, and clothing.

Hemp refers to the non-psychoactive (less than 1% THC) varieties of Cannabis sativa L.

Although Hemp and marijuana come from the same cannabis species – they are Genetically DISTINCT and are further distinguished by use, chemical makeup, and cultivation methods.

What is the Difference between Medical Marijuana and Recreational Marijuana?

Medical marijuana is higher in CBD than in TCH. THC is what produces the effect of being “high.”

Where do you go if you are thinking of seeking Medical Marijuana for to improve your Health Condition?

A dispensary is not the place to go for medical marijuana. You need to seek the advice of a medical doctor who specializes in the use and administration of CBD for the treatment of inflammation and the pain and conditions caused by inflammation.

What if you live in a Recreational State – Who do you go to?

It isn’t relevant to getting good medical advice on how to use medical marijuana whether the state that you live in allows for the use of recreational marijuana. You still need good medical advice and proper dosage administration to get the results you want from medical marijuana.