CBD is being used today for the treatment of anxietydiabetescancer, and chronic pain, and it is also being explored for its cardiovascular protection. In study after study, the preliminary research shows the significant potential of CBD to stop the trauma caused by heart disease. Every year, heart disease in all its forms is responsible for an estimated one in four deaths in the United States. One theory as to why it accounts for so many deaths is because many people ignore or don’t notice the early warning signs of the disease. Nearly half of all deaths caused by heart disease happen outside of the medical system. This is where cannabidiol (CBD) is coming into play as a new viable alternative therapy. It seems to target many of the leading causes of cardiovascular diseases. Through many channels, it offers a multi-prong supportive supplement to whole-heart health. More study is certainly indicated, but a couple of drops of CBD oil under your tongue every day will do you no harm and may even save your life.